Christel Dillbohner

Born: 1956 Köln (Cologne), Germany
Education: 1978-84 Cologne Art School, Kölner Werkschule, Germany


2014     Lost Coast, Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho
             Blickwechsel, Zeitzone, Berlin, Germany
             Ice Floe Journals, 1821 Gallery & Studios, Fresno, California
2013     Eine Frage von Zeit und Bewegung – A Matter of Time and Motion, Kampstogether, Cologne, Germany, 
2012     Whispering Ice, Leson Office, Frankfurt, Germany
             Nothing is Certain, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
             Turbulences, Chris Winfield Gallery, Carmel, California
2011     Motionless Torrents / Silent Cataracts, Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho
2009    Ice Floe, San Jose Institute of Contemporary  Art, San Jose, California
2008    Topographies, The Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel, California
             Observations/ Impressions, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
2007    An den Ufern der Zeit, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, California
             Skimming the Surface, Monterey Art Museum, California
             New Assemblages, AURA, Nagoya, Japan
2006    Nach der Natur, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
2005    After Nature, Gallery Hirawata, Fujisawa, Japan
             Histologies, Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho     
2004    Burn Marks and Incisions, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
2003    Repository, Bakersfield Art Museum, Bakersfield, California
             Off Balance, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina
2002    Plumblines, Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, California
             Atmospheric Disturbances, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
             Interiors, Gallery Hirawata, Fujisawa/Tokyo, Japan
             Components, NOB Gallery, Okasaki /Nagoya, Japan
2001    Repository – A Collection of Familiar Curiosities, Fresno Art Museum, California
             From Beyond the Seas, Gallery Mssohkan, Kobe, Japan
2000   About Sippwells and Other Places - Part III, Suyama Space, Seattle, Washington
             Sedimentation, Eyre/Moore Gallery, Seattle, Washington
             Of Ample Ground, Don Soker Contemporary Exhibitions, San Francisco, California
             About Sippwells and Other Places - Part II, Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Los Angeles, California
             About Sippwells and Other Places - Part I, Gallery Naito, Mizunami/Gifu Pref., Japan
1999    Under the Hill, Gallery Hirawata, Tokyo, Japan
1998    Beyond the Visible, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
             Undertow, Griffin Contemporary Exhibitions, Venice, California
1997    New Work, Griffin Contemporary Exhibitions, Venice, California
1996    Scavenger’s Dreaming, University Gallery, Reno, Nevada
             There and Then, Griffin Linton Contemporary Exhibitions, Costa Mesa, California
1995    Eintragungen aus dem Logbuch, Burda Holding, München, Germany
             Standortbestimmung, Batteriefabrik Hagen, Köln, Germany
1994    New Work, SPACE, Los Angeles, California
1993    Gathering Time - Finding Continuity, West Gallery, Graduate School, Claremont, California
             Über das Sammeln von Honig – The Honey Gatherers, SPACE, Los Angeles, California
             Remnants of Time, Bianca Lanza, Miami Beach, Florida
1991    Navigare Necesse Est, Shea & Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, California
1987    By the Pool, SITE, Culver City, California
             Brooklyn '86, Swimming Pool Cafe, Rheinberg, Germany
1986    Vögel fressen keine Steine, Hahnentorburg, Cologne, Germany
1983    The Visit, Cafe Mondrian, Moers, Germany


2015    Body of Water, El Camino College, Torrance, California
            Bay Area Gallery Artists in a New Space, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
2014    Coupling, Stewart Gallery, Boise, Idaho
            Shift: Five Decades of Contemporary California Painting, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, California
            Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, California
2013    Summer Group Show, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
            New Acquisitions, Monterey Art Museum, Monterey California
2012    Under Water, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California
            Eastern Traditions / Western Espressions, Boise Art Museum, Boise, Idaho
            Terrain, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, California
2011    One Thing Leads to Another: Seriality in Works on Paper, ICA San Jose, California
2009   Out of Bounds: Art from the Collection of Driek and Michael Zirinsky, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, Washington
2008   SPACE Gallery, Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona, California
2006   International Women’s Exhibition, Schneider Museum, Ashland, Oregon
2005   Derivations from – Meditations on Landscape, curated by Josine Ianco Starrels, Schneider Museum, Ashland, Oregon
2004   Between East and West – Artists from Atelier 31, GAS Art Gallery, Torino, Italy
2003   Contemplation, LewAllen Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
            Bytes and Pieces: The Art of Contemporary Collage, ICA, San Jose, California
2002   0203 – Small Sculptures, Gallery Hirawata, Fujisawa, Japan
2001   Traces, Palo Alto Arts Center, Palo Alto, California
            Tellurian, Works, San Jose, California
2000  From the Library, at Installations, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
            Paper Rock Scissors, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, San Francisco, California
1999   At the Millennium: Contemporary Painting, Museum of Art, Monterey, California
            Plant Life, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California
            Art as Environment, Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington
1998   Inagural Exhibition, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
1997   25 Pieces of Art, Open Space, Victoria, B.C.
            Viaggiatori / Travelers, Campo d’Osservazione, Gubbio, Italy
            The 6th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, UH Manoa, Hawaii
            California Vision, Gallery Naito, Nagoya, Japan
            Viaggiatori / Travelers, SITE at The Brewery, Los Angeles, California
1996    Skin and Bone, Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, California
            Open Book, Kellog University Art Gallery, Pomona, California
            Detours ’96, Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, California
            Between Mind and Soul: A Dialogue Revealed, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado
1995    Libros de Artistas, Museo de Arte y Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica
            Between the Lines: Contemporary Artist’s Books, CSU Domiguez Hills, Carson, California
            Vested Powers: Icons of Domination and Transcendence, CSU Fullerton, California
1994    Continuing Tradition, Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, New York
            The 5th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, UH Manoa, Hawaii
            Revealing Landscape, Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California
1993    5 Artists, SPACE, Los Angeles, Califronia
            The Elegant, The Irreverent, and the Obsessive: A Survey of Drawing in Southern California, Main Art Gallery, 
            California State University, Fullerton, California
1992    Book, Box, Word, Center of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida
            Contrasts, SPACE, Los Angeles, California
            Interconnections, SITE Gallery at The Roosevelt Building, Los Angeles, California
            Voices: 7 Artists, Shea & Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            (basically) BLACK & WHITE, Art Museum, Riverside, California
1991     Personal Reflections, Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, California
1990    Changing Summer Show, Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, California
            Images and Origin, City Hall Gallery, Los Angeles, California
            Drawn Conclusion, John Thomas Gallery, Santa Monica, California
1989   Newcomers 1990, Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, California
            Women Artists '89, Accurate Art Gallery, Sacramento, California
            Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Nine, SITE, Culver City, California
1988   Köln Kunst II, Kunsthalle Köln, Cologne, Germany
            Summer Show, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, California
            LA + 250, SITE, Culver City, California
1987   Group Show, Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1986   BBK Landesausstellung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Spinnerei, Bielefeld, Germany
1985   Köln Kunst I, Kunsthalle Köln, Cologne, Germany
1984   Germination II, Edinburgh, London, Mulhouse
           Der Weg Lohnt Sich, Villa Engelhardt, Düsseldorf, Germany
1983   Germination II, Opening of Traveling Show at the Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
           Winterausstellung, Ehrenhof, Düsseldorf, Germany
1982   Public Mural Project, Old Water Tower, Cologne, Germany


2009    GeZEITEN, funded by the Karin and Uwe Hellweg Foundation, Bremen, and by the Stadtsparkasse, Bremen, Germany
2009    Fellowship by the Jentel Artist Residency Program, Jentel, WY
2003    California Arts Council Fellowship Awards, Sacramento, CA    
1989    Paradise Oasis Real Estate Office, made possible by a grant rom the Rockefeller Foundation and the
            National Endowment of the Arts through LACE, Los Angeles
1986   Förderverein der Kölner Werkschule e.V. (friends of the Cologne Art School) provided partial funding for the catalog
            “Vögel fressen keine Steine”, Köln.


            Bank of America, San Francisco, California
            City of Cologne, Artothek, Köln, Germany
            Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California
            Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, California
            Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, California
            Law Office Stoel Rives, Boise, Idaho
            Law Office Spink Butler, Boise, Idaho
            The Community Hospital, Monterey Peninsula, California
            The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
            The Insitute of Cultural Inquiry, Los Angeles, California
            University Gallery, Riverside, California
            Nagoya Women College, Nagoya, Japan
            Nestle, USA


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