Stephanie Wilde at Forum Gallery

Murder of Crows
May 31st - June 20th
Opening Reception:
May 31st

 Miasma acrylic, ink and gold leaf 28" x 28" 2017

acrylic, ink and gold leaf
28" x 28"

Murder of Crows is a body of work that speaks to the polarization of race, religion, and political views with a visual subtext of the historical  pattern of prejudice. The title is an emblematic reference to flock behavior, herding and the mob mentality that so often accompanies such actions. 

The issue of race has been imprinted on America from the original Indigenous population to slavery, freedom and beyond. Our culture has justified the history of others, those unlike us, as being inferior; a prejudice that has impacted human development on both parts of the divide and now has reached a tipping point. The extremes are visible in the racial bias in the economy, income, crime and the prison population. Religion, as well as race, has been brought into our political world to divide and judge, rather than being a personal navigational journey. It has given select groups political power and has turned our society into a they, them or us culture. 

Forum Gallery
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Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5:30pm

Karen Woods at George Billis Gallery

Land and Sea
May 15th - June 9th
Opening Reception:
May 17th, 6 - 8pm

 Cruise #1 Oil on linen 14" x 16"

Cruise #1
Oil on linen
14" x 16"

Karen Woods has long been fascinated by a view of the world "from the inside looking out". This subject manifests itself primarily in paintings of streetscapes as seen from the inside of a car, often through a rain-soaked windshield.
The new paintings launch this motif out to sea; that is, they represent the view from a cruise taken around the periphery of Manhattan. While not geographically far from the city streets, these seascapes present the entirely new challenge of painting water through water.

George Billis Gallery
525 W 26th St
Ground Floor
New York, NY 10001

tel (212 - 645 - 2621)

Matt Duffin Book Cover for Carlos Ruiz Zafón

From Matt's blog, "It was a chance to take a stab at a book cover for the latest novel by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, an internationally acclaimed, New York Times bestselling author and perhaps Spain’s most celebrated since Cervantes. After working out concepts and details through sketches for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been given the green light to proceed with the cover image by Zafón himself."

Congratulations, Matt!

Outsider Fair 2018


Stephanie Wilde

1. Tears of Ra.jpg


STEWART GALLERY will present works by Stephanie Wilde.
Tears of Ra is a work from the artist Golden Bee project 2008/2015.

The Egyptian sun god Ra weeps honey bees. 

Ancient civilizations understood the importance of nature. An Egyptian Myth tells of bees that were sent as messengers from the gods, falling down like tears towards earth and man to pass on secret messages. 

This myth is poignant, a reminder of the endangerment of the honey bee and their disquieting decline. Nature gives us the messages of our path.

Our scientific community has given us information on the urgency 

of this current environmental issue. Unfortunately, this information has been ignored for financial gain and deliberately treated as unworthy of serious consideration.