Outsider Art Fair New York 2019

Commiserating Casandra 18” x 18” acrylic, ink, gesso and gold leaf 2019

Stewart Gallery presented seven works at the Outside Fair by artist Stephanie Wilde from her current body of work Murder of Crows.



Murder of Crows is a body of work that speaks to the polarization of race, religion, and political views with a visual subtext of the historical pattern of prejudice. 
The title is an emblematic reference to flock behavior, herding and the mob mentality that so often accompanies such actions. The issue of race has been imprinted on America from the original indigenous population to slavery, freedom and beyond. Our culture has justified the history of others, those unlike us, as being inferior; a prejudice that has impacted human development on both parts of the divide and now has reached a tipping point. The extremes are visible in the racial bias in the economy, income, crime and the prison population. Religion, as well as race, has been brought into our political world to divide and judge, rather than being a personal navigational journey. It has given select groups political power and has turned our society into a they, them or us culture.

Commiserating Casandra surface detail